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Composer + Audio Designer


1. Automatic Rifle (Loops, Hits, Ricochets, Tail, Shells)

2. Grenade Launcher (Fire, Hit, Projectile, Tail)

3. Player Footsteps and Cloth assets (Realistic running sound on concrete).

4. Pickups (Rifle, Grenade & Health)

5. Flying Car Atmos & Winds

6. Sight zoom in and out

7. Noise, hums and buzzes, alarms.

Yr. / 2023 / Stereo
HighRise (Shooter Game) - v1.0.  

Original Audio for the Unreal Shooter Game sample, with a particular focus on Weapon and Player movement.

I wanted to create a dynamic, agile and lightweight locomotion sound for our main player, with a more 'realistic' than 'sci-fi' loop for the automatic rifle, (despite that, I believe a sci-fi approach is still very suitable for the main rifle). 

I used a combination of Wwise and Unreal Sound Cues/Blueprints to implement the sound. For the atmosphere… The setting made me think of a futuristic airport lounge – I created a Wwise sequence container to shuffle through dialogue (heavily processed to make it sound like a loud speaker announcement). 

There are also various 'close' flight announcements playing through several computers, tying the theme together through the map and adding a tonal contrast to the main announcement.