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Composer + Audio Designer


Yr. / 2023 / Stereo / Unity.
A Sound World - v2.1.  

video render of build.

This experimental project features a Tennis ball sized, spinnable globe (Click + Spin ︎︎︎) – intended to give the User a chance to explore a autonomous, sonic landscape in real time, and escape into it.  Made in Unity & Wwise

  1. Green Meadows
  2. The Pine Forest
  3. The Ship
  4. The Lost Island
  5. Crow’s Desert
  6. The Shed + Fire

Implementation | Attenuation + Occlusion*

*Wwise Zone 2, Volume + Low Pass Curves, creating a seamless, fading mix into the next zone.

3 distances

The attenuation for each event, relies on a customised distance Curve, which helps to create a well balanced and spatialised mix as the user spins between areas. To add depth, scope and detail, I split sound into the following distances:


6. (Shed + Fire), are intended to be heard only when the camera is on top of the object and are designed with sharp distance curves.


1 & 3 (Green Meadows + Ship), are on slightly longer curves, and should be felt only when aproaching the zones (and muted when not visible).


(Ocean + Sea), are more omnipresent sounds that overlap between zones; they are designed with the furthest distance parameters.

Continuity in Mixing

To ease transitions between zones, there are carefully designed Volume automation / lowpass filters for each event (LP filtering only as the volume reachs it’s lowest audible point).  This way, the transition is very natural and retains the upper frequencies as the zone moves away from the camera.  The mix therefore relies slightly more on volume loss over frequential filtering, as the player moves from one zone to the next.  

The spatial imagery of the final mix was also an important factor (so as not to loose realism in headphones).  Each event has been carefully considered and finetuned to create a solid balance between mono / stereo signal within Wwise.

A detail Sketch for Sound
Zone sketching

Occlusion behind trees as the User moves to next Zone

In-Game Music.

Further experimentation led to the idea that some music would certainly add some strong ambient value, and aid in enviromental storytelling. 

A general stereo musical soundtrack wouldn’t necessarily be a suitable additive, considering the tone of the piece.  However –

What about diegetic music? Perhaps something which conveys activity on the ship, and plays into the sea life tradition? 

Aproaching Composition & Arranging.

To begin with I wanted to write a tune for accordion The Rolling Sea, which is inspired by sea-tunes of times gone by.  Not so much a Shanty, but more an English folk dance in the Key of G maj. Followed by a melodic rendition of the traditional Lowlands Away. 

Ship Sounds & Music

Inspired by the physicality of a ‘ship in a bottle’ – encased within it’s own peaceful world &  timezone. 
What would it sound like?

Bringing to life the sound of the ship –
the creaks and grind of the rigging, the crashing waves and the hungry Gulls circling above,
as it sails the high seas forever within its miniature world

3 Pieces

A: The Rolling Sea – Accordion – 32 bars.
B: Lowlands Away – Accordion  – 16 bars.
C: Lowlands Away Siren – Vocals – 16 bars.

Each Track Set to Loop randomly in Wwise, with a gap between each piece to avoid too much repition, with an overall concept of a jukebox of 15-20 tunes audible on the boat.
(C muted, due to conflict with sound design)

Technical Diagram | Writing to Implementing example.

Implemantation | Schematic View

The Final soundtrack is Mastered with subtle EQ / Compression / Limiting within Wwise, but it is free from extreme dynamic compression + Loudness in order to retain it’s naturalistic tone, and secondly, to sound realistic to the listener, in headphones, whilst spinning through the zones.

The Small planet was created using a variety of different assets, and relied heavily on the polybrush toolt to create landforms and physical dynamism.


Updates v2.1. Working on an automated movement system for the boat, which will give a stronger sense of sea life and autonomy within the world.  Potential for a small sea shanty/or instrumental music, probably fixed with central/mono dominant attenuation, to really root the music to the boat as it travels.

– Updates v2.2. Potential for a day/night switch, sonically controlled through Wwise, to allow for a differentation in atmosphere.

– Updates v2.3. Potential for birds in flight around the sphere, to add an additional visual element to the birdsong/calls.

– Updates v2.4. Maybe a whistling, or woodcutting, or fishing Villager, moving autonomously on land (maybe).