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A Future World Series
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Mac DeMarco
On climate crisis, environmental art, and hot air balloons.

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A Future World Series 
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Kelsey Lu
Takes us on a journey to a magical Massachusetts beachfront.

London Nights | Forthcoming.

Dir. Jas Doyle Pitt
26 mins 19 | DOLBY 5.1

Abrázame is a window into the imaginative world of six-year-old Jhoselyin and her friends, who are growing up in a Bolivian prison with their incarcerated mothers.

David L. Wolper Nomination, ida Award.
International Documentary Association 2018.

Jury Award, Best Documentary Short.
22nd Cine Las Americas Film Festival
Austin, Texas.

Best Short Film Award.
Filmmakers Without Borders 2018.

One World Media Award.

Hunters & Gatherers | 2017
8 mins 24

Through the relentless swell of the ocean or the sounds of clattering chains, we wanted to give a sense of the trawlers' reality - emphasising the impossibility of escape once there.

What’s in a name? | 2020, Theatrical Release, April. 
The Uncertain Kingdom
Dir. Runyararo Mapfumo

Verve Pictures Distribution. 
Curzon Cinemas
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10 mins 55 | DOLBY 5.1

A handful of Brits explore the challenges they’ve encountered with their non-Western names and celebrate how their names express who they are.